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Minor update to State Subsystem

Latest class diagram version for the State Subsystem is now 3.1.1.  Removed R564 tags from State class.  (Must have been a cut and paste error).


Polymorphism is ready!

Please see the latest link in the Downloads section.  Note that the State Subsystem has also been updated to be compatible with the new subsystem.  Much fun with overlapping generalization was had!


Polymorphism update soon...

I had hoped to post an update before the holidays started, but it's not ready yet.  Egg nog, board games and other family activities here in Denver have slowed my progress a bit.  Expect to see the complete polymorphism subsystem posted here with full descriptions (and beautifully illustrated, of course) by the end of 2011.


Logic tool idea

Periodically, I like to suggest tools that could be built around the miUML hub.  Any logicians out there interested in building a tool that scans an miUML class model and generates a list of natural language rules?  A class diagram is an expression of second order logic and the class names / verb phrases / referential-identifier constraints and multiplicities should provide plenty to work with.

For example, the Polymorphism class diagram, posted below, states that a Polymorphic Event Specification may not be created on an Assigner State Model.  A bit of deduction is required to derive that rule, but it is there nonetheless.

Something like this would be useful for requirements documentation, model evaluation and a great training resource for learning how to model rules in data.


Polymorphism Sneak Peak

This is rough, but I think it will work.  In the process of building this model I realized that you could have a weird case where a Subclass with two Superclass parents might inherit an Event with the same name!  This model resolves that issue by introducing an Event ID in addition to the usual Event number.  I was reluctant to do this, but it solves the problem neatly.

I won't be fully confident in this model until I write it up.  But I was able to specify a population from the bank account multi-level, multi-directional generalization example from the Model Integration UML course okay.  Anyway, for your inspection, minus descriptions here you go.  It may be a few days before the descriptions are ready.