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Collaboration Diagrams

If, for some morbid reason, you find yourself poking through my API code, you may find these collaboration diagrams helpful.  I have added them to the document register as td15.  Link to them from there, or here in this post.

PDF (click thumbnail) or Omnigraffle.



Weekend Updates

The following files have been updated:  Polymorphism Subsystem Class Diagram/Descriptions, Relationship Subsystem Class Diagram/Descriptions, Class and Attribute Subsystem Descriptions only.  Changes:  Poly - see previous news post, Relationship Subsys - Thanks to Dave Moten's eagle eyes for spotting R25 which should have been R23, Class / Relationship Descriptions, 'Specialized Class' description moved from Class to Relationship Subsystems (descriptions were out of sync with diagrams).  As always, just use the existing links, they now point to updated files.


Delegation Constraint Added

In the process of coding up the API, I've discovered a missing constraint in the Polymorphism Subsystem.  Due to rule #4 in Mellor-Balcer regarding polymorphism, it is critical that delegation of a polymorphic event proceed down exactly one Generalization.  This is important when we have a compound generalization where multiple hierarchies sprout from the same Class.  I will be posting an updated model by the close of the weekend with this constraint added.


State Signature

In the process of coding up the API, I realized that R564 on the Poly Subsystem should be going to Destination and not State.  Therefore, a Deletion Pseudo State also has a signature since, like a State, it may specify a Procedure (not yet modeled) and that Procedure will accept parameters.  I will post an updated model later in the week.  Back to coding...


Poly Test Pattern

Here is a test pattern I am testing against this weekend on the poly subsystem API / Editor.