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Collaboration Diagrams

If, for some morbid reason, you find yourself poking through my API code, you may find these collaboration diagrams helpful.  I have added them to the document register as td15.  Link to them from there, or here in this post.

PDF (click thumbnail) or Omnigraffle.


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I apologize for the various liberties I've taken with standard UML notation on these collaboration diagrams. These are working diagrams I use to shape the code. Sometimes I invent symbols as I go to illustrate the features of particular interest at the moment. I originally expected to keep these for my private notes. For eventual documentation purposes, I plan to revisit and replace my 'inventions' with the standard notation. That's why I hesitated to publish these, but I'm guessing, standard or not, it's better to show something than nothing. Feel free to ask if you aren't sure what I mean a symbol to indicate. And feel free to recommend specific OMG UML standard notation when you see it.

March 9, 2012 | Registered CommenterLeon Starr
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