All time stamps are PST / PDT (San Francisco, CA)


Text Language - Coming along

Well, it's taken a bit longer than expected with a number of distractions, but I'm making progress.  Hope to have the model population language parser up and running by the end of the month.


Text language

I'm finally getting around to specifying the lean and mean text representation of miUML that I've always wanted.  It is possible to just write a command script to be processed by the interactive command line editor, but that's really only intended for making edits.  It's rather clunky when it comes to building whole models.  Now that I've settled on the Air Traffic Control (ATC) example as a test pattern, I can use that as an initial case to get things going.  If there aren't too many distractions this weekend, I hope to have something up and running on GitHub.


Next batch coming soon

I'm creating a test pattern using the Air Traffic Control example on the Model Integration site.  That way, when you load everything you'll be able to run a script that will build a complete, albeit small, domain.  Also I'm adding functionality in the command line editor to cover more of the API.  Look for an update in the next couple of weeks.


Big News!

It's been quiet here for a while as I have been up to my elbows in new code and documentation.  So quiet is a good thing.  Here's the news:

  • All models and code are now up on GitHub
  • This means that all .zip file downloads here are officially deprecated
  • I have coded up a Command Line Editor in Python that uses the metamodel API
  • I am now using code generation to output some API stored procedures
  • Each repository has one or more wiki pages, these will be filled out as I go along
  • Each repository has a bug/issue tracking feature

In the coming days I will be doing some housekeeping here at to replace the old links and downloads with references to the corresponding GitHub repositories.

A few qualifications:

  • The command line editor has some nice features, but only a few API calls have been integrated.  So it's not ready for serious use yet, but you might want to play with it a bit to see how the API is integrated into an application.
  • Code generation is currently limited to attribute setter functions, but it will be expanded to generate more and more of the PostgreSQL stored procedures.  As miUML is intended for code generation, it makes sense that it should be able to generate it's own supporting code.  (Otherwise, what the hell good is it, right?)
  • Finally, the wiki pages are in good shape for the command line editor, but a bit sparse for the rest.  More to come!



API Code Gen, Teaching Break

I took a little break to teach a class in Stockholm, Sweden and am now getting back to work on miUML.  As an adjunct to the command line interpreter work, I decided to code generate some of the miUML API's to 1) ease maintenance, 2) make them more consistent (focusing on attribute setter functionality for now) and 3) to start using miUML technology to build miUML itself.  No goodies to post yet, but there should be some significant updates in the next couple of weeks.  Then I can get back to extending the metamodel itself.